Italian Civic Club of Meadville, PA

Active Membership:  To become an active member you must be a male individual, a descendant of italian male parent, and at least 21 years of age, and must reside in Crawford County, Pennsylvania.  The applicant must be nominated by an active member and submit a written application along with the appropriate fees.

Life Members: Life Members will be established after 25 years of active membership and that age of 65 - the last five years must be consecutive at age 65. Members must apply to Secretary for Life Membership.

Social Members: Social members must be at least 21 years of age, male or female,and citizens of the United States.  Any male of Italian Ancestry who meets all Social Member qualifications except residence in Crawford County, Pennyslvania, may apply for Social Membership.

Application Fees: Active Membership - $25.00
                           Social Membership - $20.00
                                 + Initiation Fee -$5.00

Yearly Dues:

Active Membership = $25

Social Membership = $20

*Please read the policies and procedures and/or by-laws for full information on membership requirements.

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